• 2 Hearts

    It is the news we have all been waiting for, and now it is here!  Kylie will release her brand new single entitled 2 Hearts on the 12th of November 2007 in the UK.

  • A Kylie Christmas

    It has been another Kylie Christmas. After the success of Kylie Christmas in 2015, which became Minogue's 15th top ten album in Australia, a reissue was set in motion.

  • Abbey Road Sessions

    Kylie Minogue is set to release a radical new album.  It is rework of her tracks in an orchestral setting.  The Album is out October 29th 2012 and includes 16 tracks.  Fans already saw videos of Finer Feelings and On A Night Like This released as part of K25.  In addition on the same day you can get a K25 Time Capsule of 24 double singles plus Timebomb.  Available together with The Abbey Road Sessions vinyl exclusively from Kylie.com Shop.

  • Album Taking Shape

    Kylie's album may come early next year.  In interviews with the press she has said she was pleased with last weeks studio work.  She is pressing forward with an awesome comeback that will show her true strength that has so inspired many fans.  It may be a new a Kylie, closer to the real person than we ever been before.

  • BBC America: The Kylie Interview

    The Kylie Interview is coming to America!  The interview with Cat Deely talks about Kylie's life after cancer and her plans for the future.  It was originally aired on SkyOne in the UK on July 16th 2006.  On Saturday, September 9th 2006 at 10pm Eastern and Pacific, American viewers will be able to watch a Kylie Special featuring excerpts from Showgirl in London followed by Kylie: The Interview.

  • Flower

    Kylie Minogue is set to release Flower on September 25th.  The song, which is co-written by Kylie and Steve Anderson, first debuted at her X2008 concerts and has never been released beyond the live version on that tour.

  • H&M Loves Kylie

    H&M have launched their new summer campaign, an Australian themed tribute to Kylie Minogue.  Kylie, the Ultimate Showgirl, is to have her own swimwear line at H&M.  "It has been a great experience to work with H&M on creating this summer range. To me it is all about summer indulgence, effortless chic and lots of fun!" says Kylie.

  • H&M Promotes Kylie

    H&M Loves Kylie is proving to be a huge success, especially in terms of promotion.  Huge adverts in New York, Toronto, London, and around the H&M World are showing Kylie's fresh look to everyone.  Reports from fans also suggest the H&M Loves Kylie line is flying of the shelf.  H&M Love Kylie continues to be on sale at H&M Stores everywhere.  Keep a look out for exclusive promotional items such as H&M Kylie Water that popped up in Europe.

  • Happy Birthday Kylie

    May 28th is Kylie's Birthday!  Turning 39 this year, 2007 also marks 20 years since Kylie first started with 'Locomotion' in Australia!  Happy Birthday Kylie, we look forward to an exciting year!

    In addition FlyKM is proud to announce your chance to win Kylie's 10th studio album... To read more and to participate click here! Editors Note: The competition is now closed.

  • Happy Birthday Kylie

    Happy Birthday to our favourite, Kylie Ann Minogue OBE! This past year saw her continued success with her Christmas album and sold out shows at The Royal Albert Hall. Speaking of royals, Kylie had the opportunity to meet most of The Royal Family again when she was awarded the Britain Australia Society Award in early April.

  • Idol: Kylie

    Kylie has won the 2007 Q Idol award at an award ceremony in London.  Minogue took the award for her brave fight against cancer and her triumphant return to performing during Showgirl Homecoming.

  • Kylie adds Manchester

    Kylie Minogue has added two dates in Manchester. They will be the last dates in the Showgirl Homecoming Tour as Kylie has announced that she has commitments elsewhere! It is expected to Kylie's last live shows for 2007.

  • Kylie Christmas

    Kylie Minogue is set to release a Christmas ablum aptly titled Kylie Christmas.  Kylie Christmas contains classic covers as well as original material which is sure to delight during the festive season.  The album is released November 13th.

  • Kylie Exhibition

    Kylie Minouge launched her exhibition in London this week, to a cheering croud!  The exhibition opened in London after a succesful run in Melbourne, Australia.  Admission is free, but there are record advance bookings.   The exhibition runs from the 8th of Febuary to the 10th of June 2007.

  • Kylie Fever!

    Kylie Fever has arrived again! It was less than a week after Kylie's interview on SkyOne in the UK and the surprise announcement of her tour coming back to London. Tickets for January 2nd & 3rd 2007 went on sale Friday 09:00, July 21st. The tickets sold out in 6 Minutes! I couldn't beleive it... I tried to log onto bookingsdirect.com but a 404 error came back. When I finally logged on, the dates were sold out!

  • Kylie is Queen

    Kylie Minogue's 2007 Calendar is the number one female calendar in the UK.  Kylie is the official Queen of the calendar sales for the last 5 years, with each years calendar topping that years sales list.

  • Kylie Nominated for 2006 ARIA

    Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour DVD has been nominated for a 2006 ARIA Award in the category of Best Music DVD.   The ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards 2006 will be held in Sydney at the Acer Arena on October 29th 2006.  Excluding this nomination, Kylie Minogue has been nominated 34 times in ARIA History, and won an award 16 times. 

  • Kylie Receives Reward!

    Kylie received an award from Wembley Arena, the UK’s flagship venue, for an outstanding comeback with 7 sold out shows!  She also joins Madonna, who attended the last London show, in putting her handprint on the Wembley Square of Fame.  She said, "It was an honour to be asked to leave my handprints on Wembley's Square of Fame and it was a thrill to see the final result in bronze."

  • Kylie reschedules dates

    Kylie Minogue has rescheduled the shows for the 15th and 16th due to a moderate respiratory tract infection. The new dates are Sunday the 21st and Monday the 22nd.  She had pulled out early from Saturday the 13th of January's show, Dannii then appearing on stage to perform Kids as Kylie tearfully said goodbye and promised to make it up to her fans.

  • Kylie Shock at G-A-Y

    Dannii Minogue had her Album Launch at G-A-Y Tonight (June 10th 2006) and performed older Hits as well as So Under Pressure & Perfection.

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